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Our mission is to provide holistic care and education through a team-based collaborative approach for individuals seeking healing, optimal health, and fulfillment. To be completely healthy, one must have a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  A healthy body is one which is free from illness and full of energy.  A healthy mind is one which is full of optimism and filled with positive emotions.  A healthy spirit is one which is altruistic, hopeful and always striving to be better.  From this basis, anything preventing us from the before mentioned state is an ailment.   Our roles as well as our practice in the community is to serve and to learn from those who come for help by either being a healer, a mentor, a teacher or being any beneficial role that would lead you to a place of optimal health.


We don’t just treat the symptoms, we get to the underlying cause of the problem that is preventing you from living the full, pain-free life you deserve. For those who are sick, our roles is to make you free of sickness; for those who are free of illness, our roles is to make you physically healthier by offering Integral Tai-chi class; for those who are already physically healthy, our roles is to guide/help your mind clearer; and for those who have a clear mind, our roles is to support you more spiritually more in-tuned with nature through meditation class at our clinic. 

We are proud to be one of the very few clinics in Texas focus on treating patients suffering from degenerative eye disorders.  




"Katherine treated me for the severe, burning, stabbing pain that is associated with Shingles. The first night after her treatment I could sleep for the 1st time in a week. The relief was amazing. I would highly recommend Lotus Hands acupuncture." - Brenda V. (Google review)


"I was on anti-depression medications for almost 14 yrs. My depression/anxiety worsened after experiencing new life events (personal and family). I saw my psychiatrist who wanted to change my medications and increase the dose of one of the other medications. My medications have historically caused me to feel: fatigued, cognitive dysfunction, low libido, and overall " ...  >>> Read more


"Ms. Katherine at Lotus hands Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine has saved my life without question. I arrived so physically ill, I was legitimately ready to kill myself. I have an autoimmune disease that had been problematic for over a year. Western medicine had done all it could. My last resort of treatment of my ulcerative colitis, might have helped, but it came with the risk of skin.... "   >>> Read more


I have been doing acupuncture now for over 20 years-- proactively. In all those years, I have never seen anyone as good, smart and caring as Anthony at Lotus Hands. Its one thing to get acupuncture; it's another to be educated and taught as to what is happening. He is truly exceptional.


"I’ve suffered from dry eyes for over 10 years since I had Lasik Eye Surgery and it got to the point where my eye doctor was wanting to put plugs in my eyes...  I don’t have to pry my eyes open when I wake up each morning and my eyes don’t hurt anymore. It’s amazing what acupuncture can do for your health" ... >>> Read more



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