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Eye Conditions
Natural Vision Restoration

Approximately 25.5 million American Adults age 18 and older are visually impaired.  While there are some conventional medical options that can bring benefits, these can be associated with risks and side-effects.  Many of these conditions are considered untreatable by conventional medicine, often leaving patients in a hopeless situation.


Kathrine has studied extensively with Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, a world-renowned and leading authority on Ophthalmology Acupuncture.  She is one of only two certified practitioners in Houston who have completed the Advanced Masters training in Micro Acupuncture 48 (MA 48).  Her treatment protocol combines electro-acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, eye exercises, dietary recommendation with the latest advances in micro acupuncture to address underlying conditions and promote whole-body health.

Acupuncture is a natural and safe method of treatment without any serious side effects.  It increases blood flow, delivers oxygen and vital nutrients, and thus speeds healing.  Additionally, the effectiveness of pain control in acupuncture is brought about by a release of the body’s natural painkillers and tranquilizers: endorphin, serotonin, and melatonin.

For many who suffer from these degenerative eye conditions, acupuncture and Oriental medicine may be the last and only hope for vision recovery and preservation. Conventional medicine often has little or nothing to offer folks diagnosed with degenerative vision loss.

We have been successfully treating the following conditions:

    •    Retinitis Pigmentosa

    •    Glaucoma

    •    Macular Degeneration

    •    Diabetic Retinopathy

    •    Optic Nerve Atrophy

    •    Dry Eyes

    •    Cataract 

    •    And more…

It is important to understand that this is not a cure for any of the conditions listed.  For many of these conditions, there is no cure.  This is a form of management that can slow or halt degeneration, and work to retain whatever eyesight is remaining.  However, a number of patients report an increase in their vision following treatment.  How long the increase in vision lasts will depend on factors such as: lifestyle, nutrition, frequency of treatment, eye condition, etc.

After a thorough assessment at our clinic, we will review your specific eye condition, as well as overall health to determine:

    •    any lifestyle factors that need to be changed

    •    proper nutrition

    •    vitamin and mineral recommendations

    •    acupuncture treatment frequency and duration

    •    what to expect in the future

What To Expect

We usually offer treatments over the course of two weeks.  Sometime, we can offer a three or five days per week treatment protocol, depending on the condition.  For degenerative diseases like macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa, treatments will need to be performed closer together to achieve the best effect.   We recommend that first-time patients 10 sessions so we can get a full understanding of the patient and see how he or she responds to treatment.

  • We will review your medical history, request you to conduct a recent multiples of vision tests (within two weeks) before the first session to establish a baseline from your primary physician.  

  • You will have to repeat the vision tests at the end of the tenth session to determine if the treatments are working.

  • If we find that you have benefited from the acupuncture treatments, we recommend that you return again every 3 to 4 months for the first year, then twice a year, depending on the practitioner’s recommendations.  We also provide you with diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations designed to address underlying health conditions, nourish and help maintain your eyesight. While up to eighty-five percent of patients respond positively to the treatment, there are some patients who do not respond to eastern medicine.

Note: There will be no needles go into the eye.  The closest points would be in the eyebrow or cheekbone area

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