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What to expect during the Covid-19 Pandemic 

As of today, the clinic will again be open and accepting in-person appointments — mindfully and carefully. Please help us keep our community healthy and safe by following these guidelines:

1- Initial Visit:


For initial visit, you will need to fill out the Intake Form at the bottom of the page and Email it to us.  We will contact you within 24hrs to set up the time.  Please call us if you have not received a response.  The initial consult can be up to 30 minutes.  We will schedule the office visit after the consult.


2. Safety and Sanitation:


We are following best practices as outlined by the CDC and my professional governing bodies. They include the following:

Appointments times are staggered to ensure minimal, if any, contact between you and anyone other than us.

To keep non-essential contact to a minimum, only patients receiving treatment are allowed inside the building.  All rooms will be sanitized and aired out for a minimum of 30 minutes between patients. We are using a combination of EPA approved surface disinfectants and 30 minutes of UV light exposure. We're fortunate that every treatment room has a 110 cfm exhaust fan for  ventilation.  As a tertiary precaution, we'll also have Germ Guardian air purifier running continuously throughout the clinic.  We also have a touch-less check-out option (e.g. Zelle).

3- Treatment Plan

After reviewing your collected information from initial intake and consultation, your practitioner will create a special treatment plan for you.  In some cases, your treatment plan may include Chinese herbs, dietary and/or exercise changes as part of his/her suggested treatment plan.

4- Follow-up


Your practitioner will check your progress and may adjust your treatment every visit.  He/she also provide you with ongoing lifestyle and diet coaching to help you manage stress and recovery faster.  Within few sessions, you should notice significant changes in your sleep, menstrual cycle, or overall sense of well being.  These are signs that you are getting back in balance.

Intake Form

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